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Stop Renting
Do you want to know how you can Stop Renting and become a first home buyer in the Australian real estate market?
Do you want to know;
  • how to buy a house when you have no deposit currently?
  • what are the costs for buying a house?
  • what processes are involved in buying a house?
How to buy a first home
Why should you stop renting
Would you like to find out more about;
  • Why you should stop renting?
  • What are the benefits to becoming a home owner?
  • Ways in which you can become a first home owner in the Australian real estate market?
The eBook "Stop Renting & Buy Your First Home" is a step by step guide for the Australian real estate market with a method of how you can stop renting, and buy your first home.  The method works on the basis that, "If you can afford to rent, then you can afford to buy a house."  The eBook also details the costs, condiserations and processes associated with buying property in Australia, and includes the following topics:

Why buy a house anyway?
When can I start the process to buy?
How can I buy a house with no deposit?
How to buy your first house  – step by step process
Step 1 Ensure you have a stable job
Step 2 Find someone else you trust who has a stable job
Step 3 Determine the weekly amount you can afford to spend on accommodation
Step 4 How to save your deposit
Step 5 Research property prices
Step 6 Understand costs, fees and taxes when buying property
Step 7a Buy your first house as a joint venture
Step 7b Buy your first house on your own
eBook with process to become a first home owner
The Stop Renting & Buy Your First Home eBook is a step by step guide for the Australian real estate market with advice and examples as to how you can go from renting to buying your first home.

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There is nothing to loose, and only benefit to gain.
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